ASBL Lënster Päiperlék

(Non profit organisation)

Since 1990, the Lënster Päiperlék ASBL has offered its services with the welfare of the children as its main focus.

Starting with a nursery in 1994, the Lënster Päiperlék ASBL services have continued to expand by offering an after school care service (S.E.A.) in Junglinster, Bourglinster and Gonderange.

An annual convention between the Ministère de l'Education, l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse, the municipality and the provider regulates the expenditure.

Through the management of these 5 houses, the offer is qualitatively defined and coordinated. At the same time, all employees are recognized for their professionalism and participate in the structuring and implementation of the educational work.

The cooperation between the provider and its employees is characterized by openness and transparency.

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